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We took a bit of flack for our recent appearance in a golf magazine, albeit we maintain it was a great piece of literature! Anyway we’d like to redeem ourselves by pointing you to some recent coverage in Port Elizabeth’s biggest surfing blog, Rail-to-Rail. We’re happy to emphasise that Rail-to-Rail is in no way related [...]



Apologies for the brief hiatus in posting. The AfricanSurfer crew has had to give in to The Man for a few months to pay off the indulgences of our 15-month trip.  Don’t worry, it’s not all over just yet. There are a few exciting projects in the pipeline, so watch this space. For those of [...]


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The original trip

March 2007: Tim, Lurks & Stone mission north from Cape Town up the west coast of Africa, in search of good waves and good times. Their vehicle: a trusty 1981 Landcruiser named Mzee Kobe (The Old Tortoise). Their final destination: London... finally arriving almost a year behind schedule in latter 2008!

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