Start your week with AfricanSurfer!

This is a hopelessly late invitation, but for those of you that happen to be in London and read this over the weekend, you should come and join us at The Hub (just behind Angel Tude Station) for breakfast on Monday morning. If you can’t make it, we’ll be sure to give you much more [...]


Vote Obama: a true AfricanSurfer!

If there was ever any doubt which candidate is going to endorse in the US election its been put to rest with this latest bit of news courtesy of our buddy Seth at the newly relaunched Photo: AP That’s right, Obama is a bodysurfer! This shot was taken at Sandy Beach in Hawaii [...]


Europe VS Africa

Walk around a weekend market in any European city, like I just did, and you’ll be struck by how wealthy, orderly, neat and pleasant it is. It made me realise that most Europeans witness no poverty in their day-to-day lives: for many of them the world’s major problems are abstracts that exist only in the [...]


Blast from the Past – The Warsaw Torso

We were amazed at how few tourists we came across on our expedition through central and west Africa last year.  That’s not to say we didn’t meet any foreigners: Each capital city had a handful of very accommodating ex-pat surfers – like these guys, these guys, these guys, these guys and these guys; We crossed [...]


Blast from the Past – The Irish Bikers

There are several obvious downsides to the three of us being here in London.  The most obvious ones are that we no longer spend our nights camped in spots that look like this like this: Somewhere in Africa. South of the Equator And we no longer spend our days surfing waves that look like this: [...]


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The original trip

March 2007: Tim, Lurks & Stone mission north from Cape Town up the west coast of Africa, in search of good waves and good times. Their vehicle: a trusty 1981 Landcruiser named Mzee Kobe (The Old Tortoise). Their final destination: London... finally arriving almost a year behind schedule in latter 2008!

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