Give it away now?

The other day our good friend Heidi (of the Currie Clan) sent us a link to the Google Earth ‘challenge, a competition whereby the general public can sit in front of a computer to find potential new surf spots on Google Earth. The winner of the competition got to go to Africa (pic from Surfing [...]


African Surfer Crew In Dakar – David Darg

Our friend David Darg who we met in Dakar made this great vid from one session we had in Senegal…


AfricanSurfer Dakar correspondent almost lost to falling longboard…

One-and-a-half months of our 15 month trip was spent in a suburb of Dakar called Ngor village.  It was the longest we spent in one place. When our friend Zulu Cloud flew in to visit, he summarised Dakar as “Colourful. Colourful people, colourful culture, colourful place.” Add to this some great waves which happened to [...]


Top 6 Thirst-Quenchers from the Continent…

The primary objective of our mission up the west coast of Africa was to find surf. This can sometimes be thirsty work, so one of our secondary objectives was to find beer. We quickly discovered that along with casava root and Laughing Cow cheese, beer is a staple in much of sub-saharan Africa! We were [...]


AfricanSurfer threads… part II

A short while back we spoke about AfricanSurfer threads, most notably Lurkers’ never-say-die Volcom jumper. We can only hope that Lurks is not wearing it to his job interviews as he scours the London city for hopefully lucrative contract work to repay some debt… Tim in Cote d’Ivoire circa October 2007 – no t-shirt required… [...]


5 great places to contemplate your navel…

Post-trip we get a lot of common questions. “How much did it cost?“, is one we prefer not to think about too much… along with: “so what are you going to do now?“! “Where are the best beaches in Africa“, on the other hand, is a subject we could happily rant on about for a [...]


X-Games Africa-Style

One of the major observations we made on our 15-month surf trip up the west coast of Africa was the continent’s propensity for improvisation. The Africa we saw generally didn’t have access to many products nor resources but an appropriate substitute was always very close at hand. teamrider Stone ‘improvises’ over a close-out section [...]


AfricanSurfer on the BBC World Service…

UPDATE: The radio interview is available here now! Look under “Thursday 10th July” – we come up 16-minutes into the program… ****** Quick heads-up: While Stone frolics on the beaches of Portugal, Tim & Lurks have been hard at work throwing out an AfricanSurfer vibe in London.  As a measure of our success, the national [...]


Mud? We know mud…

Around this time last year we were in the jungle in Gabon and we wrote a post where we said we’d rather have have been stuck in the mud in the  fields of Glastonbury 2007 than stuck in the mud in Mayumba rain forest – as we were at the time. Well, one-year later, and [...]


Mzee Enters Farmer Evans’ LandCruiser Protection Program

Those who have followed our whole trip online have often asked how we managed to stay so ‘plugged-in’ during our long voyage through some of the most remote places on earth.  It was actually quite easy: the ever-present African-village-internet-café and our roaming and local sim cards kept everyone in the loop – mainly using, [...]


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March 2007: Tim, Lurks & Stone mission north from Cape Town up the west coast of Africa, in search of good waves and good times. Their vehicle: a trusty 1981 Landcruiser named Mzee Kobe (The Old Tortoise). Their final destination: London... finally arriving almost a year behind schedule in latter 2008!

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