AfricanSurfer does the festival circuit…

Sooo… what’s the most rational thing one can do when you come off a 15-month sabbatical surfing your way from Cape Town to London? Book another holiday, of course! That’s why, as you read this, team AfricanSurfer is tearing it up at Festivals around the world. Lurks and Tim are at the infamous Glastonbury fest [...]


The End of the Road for Mzee Kobe?

We have recently taken to “couch surfing” our way around London for places to stay. Stone has been acting as a self-appointed live-in babysitter for his new nephew Felix who has a sweet pad in Notting Hill, and Tim has been depending on the generosity of those friends and family who live near enough to [...]


Zamalek & root-stock at the AfricanSurfer arrival bash…

It took all of about 14 months to do it, but finally somewhere around the south of Spain – about the same time we realised exactly how expensive Europe was going to be, and hence how short our budget was going to last – we agreed on a date for our arrival in London. Bear [...]


Welcome to London… anybody got a tube map?

When we left Cape Town in March 2007, we were barely prepared for first stop, Namibia, let alone the rest of Central and West Africa. Most certainly Europe had not even crossed our minds at that stage. “Europe… it’s civilisation, it will be easy!” And although we had a bit of a shaky start on [...]


AfricanSurfer threads (or lack there-of!)…

Regular readers of our blog will have realised that we each have one “warm” article of clothing. Tim’s is a old ripped up khaki jacket, Stones’ was a long-sleeved white Woolies vest (right through the snow-capped Atlas mountains until Marc lo Porto donated him a hoodie a few weeks back) and Lurks… well… Lurks has [...]


And the beat goes on…!

Note from the Editors: We are finally in London and phase 1 of our epic trip is done. However, the blog goes on! Here’s what’s coming… A few remaining posts on our  lastweek in France. The crazy AfricanSurfer arrival party in Camden, from which we are all still recovering. Our re-integration, or lack of it, [...]


Paris in the Spring

We first met Caroline in Essaouira in Morocco. We were trying to secure a few nights in the wonderful Dar Afram hostel. Tazz, the owner, was really apologetic about the fact that he was fully-booked – a pretty regular occurance we were to discover – but he mentioned there was an American girl arriving who [...]


‘Carving shapes’, and the authentic experience…

Lurks: “So Mark, should we try and find you something a little more up-market for your weekend here in Hossegor ?” Mark: “No not necessary boet, I want the authentic AfricanSurfer experience…” …and that’s exactly what Lurkers’ brother, Mark Fleming, and close friend Nick Aplas got when they flew into Southern France, from London, to [...]


On arrive tout de suite!!!

Somehow, we’ve made it to Paris. In true AfricanSurfer style this was not without drama. Our one and only remaining windscreen wiper lost its’ mojo somewhere near Bordeaux, leaving us a few hundred km’s of showery French springtime weather to navigate our way through using the ingenious ‘Tim-screen-wiper‘. Not quite as effective as the more [...]


Some notes from the south of France…

AfricanSurfer in the vibe… Whoa, it’s all happening. We’ve had some good media coverage on our trip, Zigzag, SA 4×4, the BBC and Reuters spring to mind. Everybody knows, however, that you haven’t really made it until you’ve cracked – Cape Towns biggest blog. The vibe just down the road from Vince’s place…! 2oceansvibe [...]


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The original trip

March 2007: Tim, Lurks & Stone mission north from Cape Town up the west coast of Africa, in search of good waves and good times. Their vehicle: a trusty 1981 Landcruiser named Mzee Kobe (The Old Tortoise). Their final destination: London... finally arriving almost a year behind schedule in latter 2008!

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