When your simple surf-trip goes global…

When we left home in March last year, we were just planning to see if we could make it from Cape Town to London in our ancient truck… interested if we would maybe find some good waves to surf along the way.

Then things took a turn. Maybe notoriety is a more accurate description than fame, but we’ve been amazed at the amount of media attention our little trip has been receiving recently.

Lurks, early on in the trip, convinced he can see a perfect left off in the distance.

Here’s how a simple surf-trip suddenly goes all mainstream…

A few weeks into the journey, we realised that a blog would make it easier to keep in touch with the folk back home. So, with the help of our friends at Greenteabag Design, we put up the site you’re enjoying right now.

Similar story with the Facebook group – we set it up initially as a cool way to share our photos with friends. Now, more than thirteen months on, our Facebook group has more than 850 members – despite the fact that Tim was unceremoniously booted from the site himself!

Our little website has also grown up and is getting over 3000 unique visitors a month.

This is where they’re coming from these days:

ffff.pngTowards the end of our trip the mainstream media coverage has started to pick up too. We’ve been featured in Surf Mags, 4×4 magazines, on the BBC and in newspapers back home. The latest coverage was in Morocco’s largest weekly news magazine: Le Journal.

We received this copy of the 2-page spread run on our trip which is, officially, our first foreign language mainstream coverage.

We don’t fully understand all of it (one of the downsides of foreign language mainstream coverage)… but we hope it’s good!

If you can read French and are interested in the Moroccan view of the trip then email us on africansurfer@gmail.com and we’ll gladly forward you a full-size copy.

We’re obviously pretty stoked with all of this attention. The adoring crowds lining the streets of every town we arrive in now make it a little difficult to navigate our large vehicle through traffic, a small negative.

But the hordes of groupies that tend to swamp the cruiser wherever we camp are always a welcome relief…

AfricanSurfer groupies: stoked

To top it off we were pleasantly surprised a few months back when the prestigious SA Blog Awards announced that we were in the finals of their 2008 competition.

Accordingly, we asked our loyal readers to vote for us and they did, in droves. We were pretty stoked with the final results: we were runners-up in three categories…

• Best Travel Blog
• Best Group Blog
• Best Sports Blog


Thanks a lot for the votes!


1 Response to “When your simple surf-trip goes global…”

  1. 1 Caro May 14th, 2008 at 2:03 pm

    Congratulations for all the well deserved awards !! Rising stars…
    And just wanted to point out that the only reason why France is so low in your Facebook statistics is that I can’t access facebook at work (my only internet connection at the moment)!!

    Talking about work, better get back to it (yeah, some of us are still stupid enough to sit at a desk in front of a computer all day… and mind you, that might just happen to you again one day, so don’t make fun of others!)

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