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So, as you know, we’re in Europe – somewhere in the South of Spain right now. Last week we had our first surf in the Med.

It looked like this:

The Med last week: inviting…

…but we went anyway.

This is why we didn’t call it

This shot – in a howling onshore wind – was taken by our friend Marc lo Porto:


You may wonder why we were going surfing in a howling onshore. The thing with surfing in the Med is, if the wind isn’t onshore, it doesn’t break. Because there’s not enough fetch for proper swell to develop, Marc and his merry crew of Med surfers depend solely on largely-onshore wind swell.

We got it ok – it was a lot better and punchier than these shots suggest – but we couldn’t get any photos because we were surfing in the strongest rain ever.

We met Marc in Dakar. This is what he was doing the first time we saw him:

Off the bottom…

…off the top: Marc was easily the standout during the Dakar Days – especially when the surf picked up.





We’ve had quite a week with the man. We interviewed him in a cool little coffee shop in Malaga (look out for the transcript on the site soon)…





Marc’s t-shirt throws out a militant vibe while Lurks & Stone pepper the man with tough questions









…met some of his buddies who were hanging out in the University car park, as young folk in Malaga tend to...









Really? You think this looks like a dodgy deal going down? What makes you think that?



…met some more of his buddies, and went surfing with them, in Tarifa.



Morgan, Ben, Flo, Stone, Marc and Lurks: the Tarifa ex-pat crew join forces with AfricanSurfer to hunt waves

…watched Marc rip the tiny stuff near Tarifa apart…


Marc surfs with a bunch of bubble wrap between his under the chest panel of his wetsuit to protect the ribs he broke two months ago while surfing in Dakar. The doctor told him to rest them. Here he is, resting them hard!

…and got some directions from him for good spots in Portugal and northern Spain.


“This is northern Spain. If the heavy locals don’t get you the freezing overhead pointbreaks will.”

Marc can’t quite decide whether he’s French, Spanish, Moroccan, Italian or American. He also can’t decide where he wants to live and spends most of his time travelling – the man has surfed in more countries than most people have even dreamed of travelling to.

Between surf he works on projects like the excellent Fantasy Land, and others.

He’s also singlehandedly responsible for getting the AfricanSurfer trip back on the rails when we lost it a little after the drama of leaving Morocco and the shock of the expensive and over-developed Costa del Sol.

Thanks a lot Marc, we owe you a bunch. Feel free to fly over to wherever we are anytime…


Marc gets in some flying practice, somehere near Dakar.



* * * * * *


We’re still in Tarifa for a few reasons. One of them is that the guys at Toyota Gibraltar down the road have very kindly agreed to help us sort out a couple of problems with our car before we hit the more strictly patrolled Euro-roads.

The other reason is because we’ve happened to land in Tarifa just in time for the Cine Africaine Film Festival… featuring some excellent productions and music from our own country, South Africa, and many of the countries we’ve visited on the way up.

If you’re interested in this sort of thing, check out the program and more HERE.



The final reason is we’ve been made to feel completely at home by Morgan at Pacha Mama, and have developed a slightly unhealthy beach-volleyball addiction on the in-house court!


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