Let the accountants go surfing!

We’ve had a few headlines on our expedition lately.

The BBC termed it: “The great African Surfing Safari

Reuters headed their piece: “Searching for perfect surf along Africa’s coast

But this headline in Durban daily paper the “Express” has to be our favourite yet…


Excerpt from the Express (thanks for the clipping, Guy)…

The headline caused consternation amongst the crew…

“I can’t believe I’ve been lumped together with you bean-counters”, said Tim…

“I left my job too man.”

So just to clear things up – TIM IS NOT AN ACCOUNTANT. Tim is a lover and a poet… and an economist/politician in a previous life. Lurks and Stone have a few pieces of paper (somewhere?) which say they are chartered accountants, although we’re pretty sure the last bit of that remaining knowledge got shaken from their brains on the bumpy roads somewhere near Gabon!

Both Stone and Lurks intend to send the piece to their respective ex-bosses.

“Finally… famous for being accountants!”, said Lurks.

We don’t think they were ever going to make the press for their accounting expertise anyway…


Stone practicing his new-found career in Cote d’Ivoire last year. DEBIT wave, CREDIT stoke!


2 Responses to “Let the accountants go surfing!”

  1. 1 Gilles Apr 28th, 2008 at 11:27 am

    The Med looks like a good day in Wales. Just warmer. And with rain and not hail stones !

  2. 2 Adelard May 5th, 2008 at 5:37 pm


    I shows that you are having a wonderfully time of your lives

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