AfricanSurfer arrives in London!

Unbelievable… 21 countries down, many with some of the worst reputations in the world, the AfricanSurfer crew have finally arrived in London, England. After surfing too many unridden perfect waves in central and west Africa the crew have decided that life is not all about nature, surfing, meeting interesting people and generally following their dreams. [...]


Happy 1st Birthday AfricanSurfer!

27 March 2007 – Cape Town, South Africa The sun is setting over the idyllic waters of Camps Bay, as our surfboard-laden 1981 Toyota Landcruiser pulls out of the driveway and sets out North along the N7 highway. Destination: London. Timeframe: 6 months Bye-bye Camps Bay, 27 March 2007…  27 March 2008 – Fes, Middle [...]


Toes on the Nose: Morocco Style

“You know,” Jakke the Belgian Hippy said as we stood on the rocks at the end of Imsouane Point, “when you look at this from here, it’s really just a big playground”. The ocean in front of us was full of bearded travellers on single-fin longboards, Germans on fishes, grandfathers on twin-fin eggs, and Swedish [...]


Scandal as Easter Bunny skips Morocco

“Easter… c’est quand le bunny arrive est cacher le oeuf cholocat!!!” (Easter… it’s when the bunny comes and hides the chocolate eggs!!!) We were sitting around a low-slung table in the middle of the Vagabond cafe and I was jokingly trying to explain (complete with flapping bunny-ear hand movements) to our new surfer friend, Juan, [...]


AfricanSurfer guide to good beaches… in Marrakech?

Here’s two things you may or may not already know about the medieval Moroccan city of Marrakech: 1) Someone told us that the name is derived from the arabic ‘marra’ meaning something along the lines of ‘walk’, and ‘kech’ meaning ‘sleep’, together referring to the city’s original status as a stopover point for travelling traders. [...]


Bantu gets on board

Yodit Eklund is a valuable girl. Sure, we were impressed by her Berkley education, the fact that she is solidly multi-cultural (Ethiopian, French, American & Swedish) and her surfit of creative ideas, but it was when we were strolling with her through the Medina here in Casablanca on the weekend that we realised her true [...]


AfricanSurfer featured on “African Brew ha ha”…

A good few months back now, while on the road in Mali, we bumped into and blogged about a biker called Alan. So while we were driving North up the West coast of Africa in search of the perfect wave, Alan was riding South in search of the perfect cup of tea. We were wondering [...]


Crazy times in Casablanca…

Sheez, anybody know what day it is today anyway?!! It’s been a positively mad last 48 hours. In fact I think I need to stabilise myself on the wall as I type this, hold on… OK that’s better. Between when we stepped into the Cruiser on Friday afternoon in Taghazout, and stepped out on Saturday [...]


A tale of 2 fish…

“it was a present for my 40th birthday… apparently it cost EUR600″ We all stood a little dumbstruck, staring blankly at Gert for a moment as if he’d just been beamed down from a spaceship in the sky above the campsite. We weren’t sure whether to be more shocked by the fact that this man [...]


Vote for in the Finals of the SA Blog awards!

Your nominations got us to the finals – now it’s time to VOTE! Like Barack Obama storming the walls of the old order in the US Democratic primaries, has just vaulted into the stratosphere of the blogosphere. Thanks to the numerous heartfelt nominations from our devoted readers we’ve made it through to the finals [...]


The Desert Point blues…

Hide-and-seek with nature is no easy game, but searching for waves, it’s fun all the same. Green shrubs peak out as the sandplains give way, goodbye Sahara, we’ll meet another day. Over fields through rivers, we must be getting warmer, so why when we look, it’s around the next corner? If the ocean could talk [...]

Comment graces the pages of SA 4×4 Magazine

A couple of months ago we scooped our first South African magazine feature in Zigag, Africa’s premier surfing journal. Now it’s the turn of the diesel-heads to get their fix of the AfricanSurfer expedition. The March issue of SA 4×4 magazine features a glorious 5-page spread of Patrick Cruywagen’s experience travelling with the crew in [...]


Camel Rolls, Muslim Bars & Freedom Fighters.

There’s a Moroccan saying that translates to: “Those who do not travel do not know the good of men”. The phrase has been on my mind for a couple of months so it is fitting that its meaning has become real for me here in the land of its origin. We began our second effort [...]


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The original trip

March 2007: Tim, Lurks & Stone mission north from Cape Town up the west coast of Africa, in search of good waves and good times. Their vehicle: a trusty 1981 Landcruiser named Mzee Kobe (The Old Tortoise). Their final destination: London... finally arriving almost a year behind schedule in latter 2008!

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