Have you dropped in on Paul the Aussie?

  OK how crazy is this. So the other day we posted the ‘AfricanSurfer dirty drop-in of the week’ shot of our new-found friend Paul the Aussie.   Paul the Aussie: “Noooooooooooooo!!!”    Next thing, out of the blue we get this email from Mark who we met in the water a few weeks back: [...]


On the terrace at the Maison… PART 1

Our last couple of weeks in Dakar have brought with them a such a whirlwind of social activity that we figured we need to find a way to share this with everyone out there. So henceforth we undertake to interview everyone who visits us at our pad. Its gonna be called the ‘On the Terrace [...]


Chose Your Own Adventure: Another Mouton Massacred or a Dignified Retirement?

World leaders are often hesitant to refer to political violence as genocide because it obliges the international community to take preventative action. Well, even given diplomatic sensitivities, few heads of state would have hesitated to call last week’s Tabaski festival in Dakar “Sheep Genocide”. A “Mouton Massacre”, if you will. At AfricanSurfer.com we pride ourselves [...]


Post of the week…

We confirmed something we always knew this week – when the surf is good down the road there’s actually very little incentive to be in front of a computer! We had promised to post every 2 days while in Dakar but clearly this is not always possible! I’m sure you understand. The spot outfront the [...]


Random Tuesday

A collection of thoughts on a Tuesday Todays post is likely going to be a little scattered. The reason is simple really, this is what the wave out front of the Maison du Mouton looked-like this morning: CRANKING CRANKING CRANKING! Your thoughts would also be scattered after dealing with that. For all those living vicariously [...]


Some more photo’s for none-Facebookers

Shoo-wee has it been a busy busy weekend. First we hosted Mike from George, another surfing DHL pilot, on Saturday – and the rest of the weekend we were attending the 3rd edition 2007 “CHAMPIONNAT DU SENEGAL” surfing competition at Ngor reef. The waves were good, spirits high, and the message is clear… watch out [...]


AfricanSurfer Archive photo #3

Ceres fruit-juice, available everywhere up the west coast of Africa Crossing into a new country was always quite exciting. Differences in everything from language to products on the shelves to socio-economics were huge and often noticeable literally as you pass under the frontier boom. However, bizzarely enough, one thing you can always be sure of [...]



We first encountered the concept of ‘alternative surfing mammals’ sometime around June when we were in the Mayumba National Park in Southern Gabon. The Loango-Gamba-Mayumba stretch of coastline (which by the way is pretty amazing and unspoilt) was made famous by National Geographic magazine a few years back when they ran a story on the [...]


A pirogue-trip with HUGO

You may remember a few months ago, when we were in Benin, we met a very friendly surfer called Hugo. It was that dark time for Lurks when he was recovering from his first bout of Malaria. As it happened, Hugo had procured himself a classic old Landcruiser in Benin and was planning to drive [...]


Biggest turn EVER captured at Ngor?

So the other day while we were chilling at the ‘Maison du Mutton’, Lurker wandered out onto the terrace with the 300mm lens (thanks again Ton!). Conditions weren’t exactly picture-perfect at Ngor reef, some 3-4′ sets pulling through with strong cross-shore winds. But on inspecting his work a little later I noticed the following short [...]


AfricanSurfer procures Dakar premises – LE MAISON DU MUTTON

Our more enthusiastic readers may have noticed an uncharacteristic time lag since our last post. Yes, it’s because we have been spending all our time surfing/socialising as we always do. But in this latest delay, we have also somehow managed to procure ourselves… an apartment in Dakar! Boris from paris in Almadies area, Dakar, today [...]


Where’s Wally now – PART 2

See how many of the following you can spot in the picture below taken in Cassemance (Southern Senegal): Heavily armed military harrassing the locals Car ferry to cross the river (only departing in 1h30mins, apparently) Whale-shark in the river Kids shouting “TOOBAB, TOOBAB!!” (“white man, white man!!”) Stone taking a time-out on the rooftop from [...]


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March 2007: Tim, Lurks & Stone mission north from Cape Town up the west coast of Africa, in search of good waves and good times. Their vehicle: a trusty 1981 Landcruiser named Mzee Kobe (The Old Tortoise). Their final destination: London... finally arriving almost a year behind schedule in latter 2008!

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