Goodbye Mayumba

12 days ago we arrived in Mayumba, a bedraggled trio straight from spending the night in a puddle in the middle of the Gabonese jungle (see this post if you missed it). Tomorrow morning we will drag ourselves away from here and make our way towards Libreville. We’ve had an amazing time staying with Mike [...]


The Gabon Express

The first time we surfed the main point we suggested to Mike that he name it “Spasms” because of the cramps you are bound to get in your shoulders from paddling none stop in order to stay in the right spot and hook into the left peaks that roll down the point. You end up [...]


Food in West Africa

The food in West Africa is often excellent and always interesting. The first notable thing is the dominance of certain “Western” products. These items are available in every shop, no matter how small, between the DRC and Gabon – and no doubt further: Mike Markovina loves his Nesquik Once you pop you can’t stop… Laughing [...]


3 Kings & a bucket of Oysters

Mike Markovino (who we happened to go to university with, by some freakish coincidence) is the WCS Skipper in Mayumba, so yesterday we went out with him to break the fishing drought we’ve been experiencing. Skipper Mike made Stone responsible for navigation behind the boat: We dived for oysters in the lagoon on the way, [...]


CHING-CHONG-CHA: A heavy game, deep in Angola…



Waves in Gabon

We’ve had some excellent waves in the last few days: and the good news is there’s more coming… One problem has been that Stone injured his knee in a freak quad bike accident but he’s gradually getting back into the water and strengthening it… Check out the new Surf Report for the swell thats peaking [...]


The mud we would be in if we weren’t in the mud in Gabon…

To those at Glastonbury – enjoy it for us…


Why Gabon isn’t over-run with tourists.

We’ve been trying to work out why a place voted onto the list of “Five Places to See in Your Lifetime by The Oprah Magazine has almost no tourism infrastructure to speak of. Gabon: lush This article may shed some light: Paradise Pretty Soon but i’m sure we’ll soon have some insights of our own [...]


Thursday Afternoon Surf Check

This is the spot right outside Mike Markovino’s place. We surfed it at sparrows this morning and – aside from the freight train current – the place is pretty perfect. Mike’s named it “Spasms” because that what happens to your arm and back muscles after spending a session paddling to stay on the peak. Or [...]


Port Gentile VS Sao Tome

So it looks like we’ll have a few days to kill in Libreville while we wait for our Cameroon visas. We’re think of either going to Port Gentile (on the coast south of Libreville) or heading offshore to Sao Tome (an island a few hundred kilometres away). Both trips have their downsides. But then each [...]


WEEK 13 – Mayumba National Park

Mayumba is a cruisy little town in Southern Gabon which borders the Mayumba National Park. We’re camping here with the WCS team, namely: Rich & Aimee and Mike & Linda. Rich & Aimee & Linda prepare a midnight feast Rich runs the Mayumba National Park (which contains the puddle we spent the night in last [...]


WEEK 12 – Southern Gabon: “If a tree falls in a forest… will we be able to hack through it with our machete?”

It’s been quite a week. While none of our experiences so far have been “inauthentic” (except maybe spending a week floating on lilos, drinking beer and eating Pringles in Pointe Noire) we can’t help feeling that the last week was slightly more authentic than most. Upon leaving Conkouati we had to cross the lagoon to [...]


WEEK 11: The road to Gabon

We’re leaving the WCS camp this morning and heading into Gabon on the coastal route, which is apparently very beautiful, but quite tough. Someone last week told us not to try it without a machete, a saw and a spade! The good news is that WCS has people stationed at beach outposts along the route [...]


WEEK 11 – Noumbi & Concouati National Park

We’re camping here, near the Gabon border, with Tim (who does whale research) and Hilda (who runs the park for the World Conservation Society). Their encampment is on a hill overlooking a lagoon and the jungle – seriously beautiful. This afternoon we’re going to go on their boat to the beach – past the islands [...]



28 May – 4 June More great friends – TH We’re leaving Pointe Noire this morning (4 June) after staying for almost two weeks. Its been really great here: some fun waves and many more friends. Philippe, an expat French surfer – born in the Congo – hosted us for a week, and Stone enjoyed [...]


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March 2007: Tim, Lurks & Stone mission north from Cape Town up the west coast of Africa, in search of good waves and good times. Their vehicle: a trusty 1981 Landcruiser named Mzee Kobe (The Old Tortoise). Their final destination: London... finally arriving almost a year behind schedule in latter 2008!

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